The winter is coming so is heating maintenance

It’s still plenty warm outside.

And I should know, I’m spending nearly every spare minute outside cutting, splitting and stacking wood for the winter.

Winter weather is such the focal point for those of us in this region that it takes on a year round sort of priority. The wood is the back up and supplement heating system for the winter. I rely mainly on a gas furnace to provide the heating comfort my family is accustomed to. However, with the cost of HVAC heating, the wood stove really helps out. The fact that we live a ways out of town also plays into having a back up for the gas furnace. There are plenty of instances over a winter where the power may go out and stay out for a while. Relying solely on the gas furnace would not be a responsible way to go. Plus, if the gas furnace goes down during a snow storm or something, the HVAC technician may not be able to get to us for a few days. That’s why I spend much of my summer cutting, splitting and stacking wood for heating during the winter. Pretty soon it will be time to call the HVAC company. It’s getting close to the time of year when I like to get the heating maintenance. I make sure the HVAC equipment gets regular HVAC maintenance. This ensures that it runs well, is reliable and working at its most efficiency capacity. Before you know it, that first freeze will be here and then the ground will be blanketed in snow. And that gas furnace will be ready to go to work for the winter.



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