Outdoor breakfast

Not to mention, the food is really great in this place

Every other week on a Monday me and my friend go out to breakfast at this outdoor seated diner in town. It is really great to do this time of year because of the wonderful air quality that we have going on. The outdoor air quality is so great that it makes our breakfast that much more relaxing all together. This is the time of year all of us who have whole home air purification systems in our homes can turn it off. Also, we do not need heating or air conditioning this time of the year because of how great the temperatures are. So not only is it great air quality, but it is perfect temperatures as well. This makes for the perfect indoor and outdoor comfort for the next 2 months or so. This is one of the reasons me and my friend make it a point to go to this outdoor seated diner to have breakfast every other week this time of the year. Not to mention, the food is really great in this place. I really am lucky to live where I do to be able to get such great air quality to be able to do things like this at this time of the year. Most other places do not have this luck and great air quality along with great temperatures. All together, we enjoy what we have and gotta thank mother nature for the blessing of the great air quality as well as the great temperatures this time of the year!

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