Imagine what life would be like without air conditioning

Life has been so full of changes and sacrifices that I tend to feel a bit overwhelmed and overcome at times.

It’s like, what’s next right? This is when I take a beat and get some perspective. Sure life is challenging as all get out right now as we seek to find a new normal with the pandemic changing course yet again. But it’s summer and we have air conditioning. Can you imagine what it would be like in this region without HVAC cooling. It’s not hard to do. Just turn it off for an afternoon and you’ll get a little taste. However, most of us couldn’t even get through that. We have gotten to the point where residential HVAC and commercial heating and cooling are simply taken for granted. But it wasn’t all that long ago when there wasn’t any modern HVAC technology in these parts. People got up at 3 in the morning to start their day in order to beat the heat. And when the peak heating hours hit after lunch, all they could do was find some shade and pray for a breeze. That seems completely bizarre to most of us who are forever pushing the thermostat all over the place to get the exact HVAC cooling comfort they need. Yet, there was a time when just having a fan was a very, very big deal. So maybe when things are getting a bit tough to take, give some thanks for the modern HVAC technology that makes our life livable today. That always helps me sort of keep a better perspective as I try to navigate a world I recognize less and less.


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