How things change

I assume back to how things used to be when I was growing up when it comes to a/c, plus wow how I can tell you things have changed! Back then, both of us all had window air conditioners plus that was all that was legitimately available to cool your house at an affordable rate.

Sure, there was central heating plus air conditioners but they were legitimately expensive plus only those who had tons of currency could afford them.

This week, window air conditioners have almost been phased out all together because central heating plus air conditioners are affordable to the average working class person now. And this has been this way for at least the last 20 years or more. And really, it is a good thing because central a/c in our opinion is much better than window a/c units. Also, a central air conditioner is there all the time, all year round plus combines with your central heating. All controlled by the temperature control on the wall in your hallway or elsewhere, but with window air conditioners you constantly had to instal them plus then detach them when the season was over, but not to mention how heavy those things were to move around. I remember a buddy of mine legitimately dropped theirs once plus broke it! You do not have these risks with central heating plus air conditioner units. And if you want something that is not central a/c, you can constantly get a portable air conditioner.

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