My blind date was an HVAC serviceman I worked with.

My girlfriend was always telling me that I needed to get out and do more than work.

  • I loved our task, and but I did labor hard, I also had fun.

I loved being a HVAC serviceman, even if it wasn’t a task that was considered fantastic for ladies. Even though I enjoyed our work, our girlfriend wanted me to go out with a guy and have some fun. She had set me up on a blind date with her guy’s sibling. I wasn’t hepped up to go on a blind date, although I didn’t want to say no when she had already arranged the whole thing. I dressed to impress, complete with makeup and perfectly manicured nails. My girlfriend told me she would option me up, and the two of us were going to her guy’s for dinner, and after that I were going dancing. You have no plan how shocked I was to see a fellow HVAC serviceman at the apartment. I had never met Brooke’s guy, so I didn’t guess who his sibling was. Both Charlie and I laughed when he saw me. Then he told me I looked fantastic when I didn’t have a HVAC uniform on. Then he whispered that I looked fantastic in anything. I had to smile. I had a crush on him from the first time I saw him in the HVAC office. He had a killer smile and he was smart. It didn’t surprise me that he was a single of the top HVAC servicemans in our dealer. Now, I’m wondering if he’s going to be a single of the top men in our life?


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