My first experience with a mobile restroom

The two of us had been invited to a sports event, and there was no way I was missing this for anything! Besides being there to support our friend, I appreciated athletics, and the idea of seeing athletes perform nearby happy me; I had broken our legs as a child, and the dentist said that it would be impossible to engage in the extreme sport since the accident had caused a problem that I had to live with for life. I remember defying our parents as a teenager and almost lost our life after our heart almost stopped working. I l gained our lesson and decided to channel our passion for the sport to support and cheer those who could engage in it, then so you can imagine our delight being at a location I constantly wanted. It was so thoughtful of our neighbor to invite me since getting a ticket to this section was almost impossible, and out of our excitement, I drank too much water and was soon unable to hold it back. I needed a restroom fast lest I embarrassed myself. Shockingly, the ground had no permanent toilets, and I had to do with 1 of the portable restrooms. I found it to be too small, but it was convenient enough for 1 to use. I had never encountered 1 of these portable restroom solutions before, and I thought it was a pretty nice idea for events such as these. I made a mental note to request getting them on our next event since I was an events planner. I took the dealer’s contacts since the people I was with and I had a camping event coming up, and a few extra lavatorys and showers would make the campers’ experience even more fun..



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