Want to add heated flooring in the living room updates

My living room could really use some work.

The house has a gorgeous wood ceiling and one wall in the living room is brick.

It really has the bones to be a good room. I had to remove a giant wood stove that vented through the ceiling and out the roof. I also had to demolish the brick pad the heater sat on. The other three walls were wood. I had to sand them down and paint white. I added a few recessed lights and new furniture. The living room is good, not great. I quickly realized the reason the homeowners had a woodstove in the living room. It wasn’t that powerful but it did provide heating. The house has a central heater but it doesn’t connect to the living room. Yes, the central HVAC only provides heating and cooling for the bedrooms and bathrooms. The living room and attached kitchen are left alone. Since I live up north it isn’t necessary to get a cooling system, but I need a heater. I started looking into my options and I think heated flooring will do the trick. I want to change out the brown carpet for grey tile anyway. In the installation process I can add electric heated mats. That way the heating system is out of sight and out of mind. I can just feel gentle heating on my feet. It will warm the furniture that sits on it too. It will make my living room feel good and look so much better. The expense is the only scary factor.

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