That actually wasn’t an HVAC job

When remodeling my master bathroom I decided that I was going to spare no expense. I got an expensive glass penny tile because I liked the look of it. I got an all glass shower surround that was over a grand. I spent months researching to find the right toilet and sink. When it came time for bathroom ventilation, I brought out the big guns. You can get a bathroom vent for a few bucks or spend around three hundred. I got a ventilation system that can handle more than my bathroom. I also got one with an LED light and motion detected fan when I walked into the bathroom. The idea is that when the heat rises from my shower, it is vented outside. I don’t have foggy glass or clammy skin after a shower. There is no unpleasant odor in my air quality. I did learn one thing about bathroom ventilation through. You don’t call a HVAC contractor to do this installation. You know what HVAC stands for right? I just assumed bathroom ventilation would be a part of it. When I called the HVAC business I guess I was a little vague on the project. The HVAC technician thought he was installing ductwork in my bathroom. He then realized I just wanted my bathroom vent up. He told me that an electrician actually does that job. I wasn’t pleased at all. I finally got the guy to do the job but he had to use his personal tools rather than his HVAC ones. Isn’t that the weirdest thing?


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