Not going for broke

Some people say I have a gambling issue.

This isn’t true in my opinion. I have not gone for broke as the expression says ever! I only go to casinos maybe twice a year, and while I am there if the temperature is not right with the central heating and air conditioning I do not even gamble one single penny on anything other than maybe a few slot machines! I find it difficult to get my game on so to speak when the heating or air conditioning isn’t right. And believe me, these casinos sometimes have issues with their central heating and air conditioning which makes me gamble that much less. When it gets really cold in the winter, if the casino even has the slightest chill I do nothing. Not only because I don’t like the feeling, but I feel it is bad luck if the temperature isn’t right. The only casinos I found to have perfect temperatures all of the time without fail are the bigger ones which have commercial heating and air conditioning. The smaller casinos only have standard central heating and air conditioning. Basically, the same type of heating and air conditioning that you will have on your own home. But when you have tons of people crowded in there, that is why the heat or air conditioning does not work to its most full power. The air does not have space to flow right! So to those who say I go for broke and have a gambling problem, they can stick it where the sun don’t shine! I only gamble in perfect heating and air conditioning, which is rare!


Quality air conditioning