No smoking allowed

In the last 20 years it seems that smoking has been banned across the country in public places.

I remember a time when you could smoke anywhere.

How times have changed! I used to be a smoker myself, and when this first happened I was angry as ever. But now that I do not smoke anymore, I see the importance of this, and it is to save the air quality. When you have people smoking all over the place, even outdoors within a certain area, it kills the local air quality after a while. So believe me, I understand now. I certainly would not want my house filled with smoke as that would damage the indoor air quality. Even when I used to smoke I never smoked in my house. And again, it was because I wanted to retain half way decent air quality. Sure it was on my clothing, but that only partially harmed the indoor air quality. I eventually ended up buying a few portable air purification systems when I stopped smoking to clean the indoor air quality of all the smoke that got in through my clothing. And let me tell you, the portable air purification systems that I used really did the trick! I still use one of the portable air purification systems from time to time when the air quality outside isn’t doing to well. It helps keep my indoor air quality at bay. If you quit smoking recently, I would recommend getting a few portable air purification systems to clean that indoor air quality.

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