I didn't want to buy a new AC, but I’m glad my wife did

When the spring temperature started to get warmer, I found the old window AC unit in the attic and I brought it downstairs to put in the living room. I was ready to install the machine for the 13th year in a row, but my wife stopped me ahead of time. She thought it was time to replace the machine, but I wasn’t ready to throw it away. The window AC was still capable of providing cool air, even if it was no longer energy efficient. My wife insisted that she did not want to look at the old AC unit for another year, so I agreed to start looking for a new machine online. I didn’t want to pay a huge amount of money for shipping, so I found what I wanted and went to the hardware store to find the same make and model. While I was there, that clerk spoke with me about smart thermostats. I didn’t really have any need for a smart thermostat, because we don’t have Central AC. Still, I learned a lot of information and it might be a smart investment when the winter season arrives. I really didn’t want to purchase a new AC, but I’m glad that my wife forced the issue. The new machine is smaller and much more energy efficient. It still provides powerful cooling and also contains a dehumidifier function for those extremely hot and humid days. When we have friends over for tea, we don’t have to feel embarrassed by the old and clunky machine in the living room.


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