A boring update

Updating a house can really be fun. I love gutting a room and totally making it brand new. Adding new tile, fixtures and paint can really be satisfying. Unfortunately I have done all of those things and I am onto the boring updates. I recently replaced all the windows in my house since I noticed my energy bills were way too high. The air the HVAC waas producing was leaking out of the house. Caulk and weatherstripping only does so much. I spent thousands of dollars for windows that basically look the same as what I had. I also spent tons of money on a new roof too. Nobody but me sees the difference and it isn’t all that satisfying. I have noticed that even with getting my home sealed properly, my HVAC isn’t doing so hot. Rather than getting a brand new bathroom, I will need to buy a new HVAC unit. I am not exactly pleased by this. I could simply get the exact same central HVAC that I had before. I am not going to lie though, I hate the thought of central heating and air. I don’t like that ductwork stretches throughout the house and collects dust. I don’t like that every room has to be the same temperature. I don’t use the guestroom or other bathroom. I don’t want to pay for heat and cool those spaces. Now I will need to do some research on ductless mini splits and heat pumps. Then I will need to call different HVAC suppliers. Not a very exciting update at all.
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