A little less each day

It is coming up on the time of the year where things are starting to slowly but surely cool down outside.

And for myself and others this means lower electric bills because I do not have to run our central a/c as much! I still am running the central most of the day.

But I am noticing that at night right before I go to sleep I am entirely able to turn off the control component completely. And with each passing day, I am noticing that I can go to the control component as well as turn off the central a little earlier. Before I assume it, there will be no need for central a/c as well as I will be able to just appreciate the good outdoor air quality that mother nature was kind enough to provide to the section in which I live in by opening the windows. Then of course, come December I will have to go to the control component on the wall as well as start turning on the central heating system with the same results of high utility bills. I did hear that if you buy a portable space oil furnace you can possibly use that in mixture with the central heating system to moderate your house up as well as save good money. But I have not got around to trying that yet. This upcoming year though I feel that I will! Just to see if the portable space oil furnace entirely can help myself and others reduce our utility bills. But for now, I am just ecstatic that the central is not needed as much!

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