The gym was in the sauna

I have worked out in a lot of weird locations.

When I go on a trip, I just guess the gym won’t be what I am used to.

I have found amazing fitness centers with pools, weightlifting plus tons of machinery. The A/C idea is set perfectly, there is a washroom plus water cooler. I also have been stuck working out in a lawn, parking lot or running through a foreign city. The worst gym I had ever encountered was when the hotel combined the gym with the spa. The spa had sizzling tubs, steam rooms plus saunas. The whole spa was set to a genuinely moderate temperature. The control unit must have been set to around 90 degrees. It was hot, sticky plus covered in sweat. I figured the gym next door wouldn’t be the same temperature. Well the only thing separating the multiple rooms was a thin curtain. The treadmill, bike plus jump rope all were basically in the sizzling tub area. The control unit for the heating idea ran the entire area. I sweated buckets the entire time I worked out. I ended up using towels from the steam rooms plus using them to mop myself. I also had to be careful about hydration plus not overworking myself. I would have killed for some a/c. I worked out in our underwear since I was the only 1 in there everyday. It is no wonder though. Who works out with the heating idea on? It was a genuinely terrible experience. I have never made that mistake again. I now look at detailed pictures of the gym online.
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