Climate control did not mean central AC

I did not feel the difference between weather conditions control and central AC, until I made a reservation at a bed and lunch down south.

My husbandy and I went to a tropical location and the people I was with and I did not want to stay at a hotel.

All of us decided to stay at a smaller resort with more than 2 Bungalows. The advertisement online stated that each a single of the bungalows had weather conditions control. I thought the small locale would be perfect for our husbandy and I, so I made a reservation for the week. When our husbandy and I arrived, the people I was with and I were very surprised by the accommodations. The bungalow was much smaller than the people I was with and I anticipated. The pictures made the home office, dining room, and home office look enjoy separate areas inside of the Bungalow, but they were in fact a single large room. The cabin did not have central AC either, and our husbandy and I were anticipating being comfortable while in our a single-week stay. I expected central AC, because the advertisement stated weather conditions control. I quickly realized that weather conditions control honestly meant ceiling fans in every room. My husbandy and I were both disappointed by the lack of AC, but the people I was with and I did not let that stop us from having a good time. All of us stayed out late and did not come back until the people I was with and I were so sleepy that the indoor air pollen levels wasn’t a thought on our mind. That week down south was a single of the most amazing trips I have ever taken. I would very return to the same location, even if they don’t have central AC. The stunning views of the ocean and the reef were simply awesome.

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