The AC is not blowing chilly air and Summer just started

AC problems never occur when the weather is freezing and brisk.

They happen when the outdoor hot and cold temperatures are 95 degrees and the humidity is close to 100%.

The AC in our truck stopped toiling last weekend when I was on our way condo from work. It was toiling fantastic a single hour and blowing warm air the next. I stopped at the gas station to get candy, snacks, and chilly tea pop. I turned off the truck for more than 2 or more than 2 hours. When I turned the truck back on, the AC was blowing warm air. I checked the relays and the fuses and I even tried to replace the fan motor, but nothing solved the problem, so I took the truck to the dealership for a diagnostic check. They perform free AC checks while in the summer, because they want you to spend money them hundreds or thoUSnds of dollars to replace the system. I don’t have the cash to replace the air compressor which is the reason why our AC is not blowing chilly air, however for now, I’m stuck driving back and forth to work in a Chevy with no AC. I’m entirely not looking forward to the rest of the summer. I hope our boss will offer some overtime this month so I can start saving for the repairs. The guy offered overtime last month, although I had plans with our husbandy. Thinking back, I entirely should have worked that weekend. I did not feel the AC would be a problem at the time, although I shouldn’t have given up the occasion to make more cash.

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