Moving to the area was a awful decision

About 20 years ago, our family and I moved to the West Coast to start a up-to-date life. All of us settled in the desert area, where heat is an everyday problem. Twenty years ago, the weekly high hot and cold temperatures weren’t nearly as high as they are these nights. It is very clear that global warming is playing a immense area in making this earth warmer. When the people I was with and I moved to the coast, the average weekly Summer temp was 100 degrees, and now it is close to 110 degrees. No matter what you do while in the Summer months, it is virtually impossible to keep the cabin cool. All of us have a central AC component that works overtime and the people I was with and I also have more than one ductless AC units in the master home office and the home office. Both of us are thankful for solar energy, because our utility bills would be through the roof if the people I was with and I did not have solar panels. Even with 2 ductless AC units and the central AC running, there are still nights when the hot and cold temperatures are too hot; Just last week, it was 114 degrees and none of the AC units would run. The central plan was frozen and the people I was with and I did not want to ruin the ductless AC units by trying to overwork them. Instead, the people I was with and I shut off all of the machines and left the cabin for the afternoon. Believe it or not, it was honestly cooler outside than it was in the cabin without the a/c. When our spouse and I moved to this city 20 years ago, the people I was with and I never thought the heat would cause us to question the decision.


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