Think before you make a move

When people have break downs of their central heating and air conditioning systems, most of the time they do not think before going into a panic and calling the local heating and cooling company.

Sometimes, a little simple troubleshooting can save you hundreds of dollars! Of course, the heating and air conditioning companies do not mind having them send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to fix something simple in less than a few mins and collect a few hundred bucks for it.

As a matter of fact, they love those kind of jobs! It’s called easy money. However, you don’t want to be the sucker and let this happen. Cause after all, that is your money they are taking! So before you run to the phone to make that emergency heating and air conditioning repair call, think first. Troubleshoot every single possibility as to what happened and why your central heating and air conditioning system unit is not working. It could be something as simple as your thermostat needs a new battery or the fuse in the fuse box went out and just needs to be rest to have your central heating and air conditioning system unit up and running again. A heating and cooling company would charge you at least one hundred and fifty bucks just to come out and flick a switch. Then go back to the office laughing at how stupid you were and how they just made a free one hundred and fifty bucks! Do not let this happen to you! Troubleshoot the next time your HVAC system breaks down.



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