Got through the Summer with less a/c

I’ve constantly love plus enjoyed where I live.

My wifey plus I are lucky to have the sort of beach house that is a sanctuary plus a haven.

That was particularally wonderful when we spent nearly all our time inside that beach house while in the pandemic. Both of us were stopped from going to work in our downtown offices. The supplier wanted us to work from beach house plus didn’t open up those perfectly Heating and A/C controlled offices until just a few short weeks ago. So we spent a warm Summer inside the a/c at beach house instead of at the office. But we didn’t change our control unit discipline because we were laboring from home. The two of us took care of our normal control unit programming which allowed the indoor temperature to rise to 76 degrees or just above while in the heat of the day. This was honestly the warmest work afternoons my wifey plus I have ever experienced. However, there was an upside to less a/c. Since we weren’t in the office, we could work in shorts plus t-shirts. Even when we had meetings online, we’d put on dress shirts however leave on our shorts plus flip flops. The two of us also used fans to help recognize cooler when it was warm while in the peak heating hours of the day. I was truly sort of surprised by how hastily we were able to acweather conditions to such a warmer laboring environment. But that worked out wonderful for us as well. In the afternoon plus the night, my wifey plus I would get out of the a/c plus go for walks. And living with a warmer beach house while in the day helped us be much more comfortable with the outside temperatures.

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