Learning about the heat pump the difficult way

My husband and I are recent transplants to the land of the heat pump.

Well, I guess there are numerous other regions which rely on a heat pump to supply quality heating and air.

But all of us live in a region where the heat pump is pretty exclusively used for the Heating and A/C cooling process. While there is a bit of Wintertide here, it simply doesn’t qualify as anything that all of us were accustomed to in our old region. Every one of us lived year in and year out with a gas oil furnace running evening and morning during the deep frosty of the Wintertide weeks. I don’t guess even a heat pump would have been up to the job quite the way the gas oil furnace was. But thankfully, that is all behind us now and all of us prefer the genre of mild Wintertide that brief periods of heating from the heat pump take care of. But it has taken some getting accustomed to having a heat pump. Our only air conditioning needed way up north was a few window a/cs that I put in for the worst midday summer time heat. And that wasn’t all that anyway. There just wasn’t that much call for air conditioning of any kind up there. So when all of us got down here, the Heating and A/C lodgeet on the outside of the beach house was not exactly recognizable to my husband. And he ended up using it as a bit of a shelf or table while gardening a single morning. She covered up the Heating and A/C lodgeet so much that it nearly choked out the heat pump due to air flow restriction. It wasn’t the best situation however at least all of us both l gained that the Heating and A/C lodgeet outside has to be totally obstruction free.
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