You need to have good HVAC in a hair salon

I’ve been a hair stylist for over a decade; something important that people don’t realize is that salons need to be kept cool… Do you recognize how hard it is to cut someone’s hair when it’s sticky and humid in a room? Not only does it frizz up customers’ hair, but it’s angry for most people inside, however clients sit with a massive cape over them, covering everything but their head and neck, and it can get boiling under there! The stylists are running around and on their feet all afternoon, since sitting while splitting a customers’ hair doesn’t easily work…

However luckily, our salon recently installed a current air conditioner system! The current cooling unit and accessories are honestly impressive, however our plan is zoned so that all numerous rooms in the salon can be independently weather condition-controlled as well.

Then all of us also have smart control units in each room, which means the two of us can schedule the cooling plan to set at particular hot and cold temperatures depending on the afternoon and time… Since a heating, ventilation, and A/C company installed our current cooling system, the smart control equipment has been cooling down the salon for thirty minutes before opening, so the temperature is already perfect when the two of us come inside. However, the smart control equipment also allows us to adjust the temperature from an app on our PCs, so the two of us don’t have to walk away from our customers to change the weather conditions. Client complaints about the temperature have essentially disappeared, then before the two of us installed the current air conditioner unit, there used to be “hot spots” that weren’t covered by any nearby vents. The heating, ventilation, and A/C company took note of this, and added some current vents to cover every chair in the salon; It’s been a godsend! Without the advice and hard job of our heating, ventilation, and A/C company, the salon would be a boiling and humid environment; now, it’s perfect!


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