Wearing a jacket to work

Have you ever been chilly cold where you have to wear a jacket every single morning to work… Well that has been our experience for about 17 afternoons at our new task, then not only have I been chilly cold for the past 17 afternoons however our entire office has been complaining about the air conditioner.

  • For some reason the a/c has been blasting and the repair crew cannot figure out what is going on.

I know the repair crew has tried to call a local Heating as well as Air Conditioning company a few times separate from any advantage and now they are struggling because most people in the office is complaining about the air-conditioning. I don’t know if I would complain as much if I didn’t get so cold while it was toiling! But I always forget our jacket and then it makes our situation even worse while every one of us were in the morning. I actually hope that they are able to repair the air conditioner suddenly because I know the Winter time months are coming up and I don’t wanna have to deal with a cold office while it’s even colder outside. I complained to our manager a few times about the heating and cooling system because I’m starting to get rather angry that they have not got it fixed. I asked him how long he would be in till the air conditioner wasn’t blasting all the time and he couldn’t supply me a straight answer. I was unquestionably concerned by this response and now I’m questioning if I want to continue toiling for this business.

Heating and air conditioning system