I could never go back to not having air purification

When a neighbor of mine was trying to tell me that I needed to use HEPA filters, I had to ask him what was so special about them.

I thought my pleated air filters were just wonderful plus the air quality in my home was never terrible.

I even had my ductwork system cleaned on a correct basis. My neighbor told me that HEPA filters are much different. He explained that they labor to pull 99.9% of contaminants from the air plus I had to suppose about all the invisible stuff that I couldn’t see in my air. He was starting to make me recognize uncomfortable, although he told me it was wonderful I was starting to realize there were still contaminants in my air. I could be breathing in anything from mold spores, to dangerous pathogens. He said if I honestly wanted to go large with my air quality, I should invest in a UV air cleaner. He said not only do those use HEPA air filters to pull all the contaminants out of the air, however they also labor respectfully to eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold spores, plus other contaminants. I finally decided to just try out a UV air cleaner, but I would go right back to not using a single if I didn’t care about it. Honestly, the morning after I had my UV air cleaner installed, the air quality was the best I’ve experienced in my site. I suppose I’ve had better air quality in some diners plus other arenas, however this UV air cleaner works wonderfully. There’s no way I could go back to not having air purification in my home.

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