What is a dedicated outdoor air system?

New standards for energy efficiency for commercial heating plus cooling systems are driving innovation in the Heating plus Air Conditioning industry. As a result, current Heating plus Air Conditioning systems help suppliers better maintain indoor temperature levels plus improve air quality while lowering their carbon footprint. In a push for better energy efficiency, manufacturers supply commercial building owners with configured rooftop units known as dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS). A dedicated outdoor air method is an Heating plus Air Conditioning component installed outdoors plus is correctly used in conjunction with other Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment! Dedicated outdoor air systems bring fresh outdoor air into your indoor space independently from cooling or heating efforts. Addressing air conditioner plus ventilation separately can save Heating plus Air Conditioning fan energy while enhancing indoor air pollen levels. The type of appliances used with a dedicated outdoor air method can vary depending on building type plus brand name. In some instances, a chilled water method is applied to supply your DOAS cooling with freezing water, but other dedicated outdoor air method models may use digital scroll compressors, an electric expansion valve, plus a microchannel condenser coil to cool, heat, plus dehumidify your indoor air. While dedicated outdoor air systems may help suppliers to comply with the current commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning energy efficiency standards, many other benefits come with the system. They improve indoor air pollen levels by eliminating contaminants from the outside air before delivering it into your indoor space. The systems are effective dehumidifiers, plus they help prevent problems related to moisture, such as sick building syndrome. Decoupling ventilation from air cooling plus heating also results in energy savings.

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