Way easier with COVID

For a lot of people COVID is a really awful thing.

Ignoring the whole, you could die, COVID really restricts people.

Some of my friends complain that they can’t go into the office. They can’t go to bars, restaurants or shop in the mall like normal. Lots of movie theaters, concerts and wine tastings are closed due to COVID. For a homebody like me, COVID has been nothing but amazing. It is like certain things are being tailored to be more convenient for me. First, my grocery store decided to offer delivery to make things safe. I don’t have to dress, walk around and waste time in the store. I am like a king telling some peasant to fetch me ale. Second, I can do virtual pet appointments. My cat Bandit hated being stuffed in a carrier, sitting in the waiting room and then getting prodded. Now I just point my laptop at my comfortably sleeping cat and make sure everything is okay. Finally, I save a lot of money but not buy anything unnecessary. It used to be anytime the HVAC wouldn’t turn on, made a loud noise or whatever, I would call my local contractor. Now they don’t come to my home unless it is necessary. In a virtual appointment I show them the HVAC and let them hear the signs. I usually get loose instruction on how to keep it going and I only pay a little fee for it. I haven’t needed to have a real contractor in my home yet!



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