The office installed Zone Control.

I know it doesn’t sound like a good way to work, but I am a cubicle worker.

  • I am a part of a four-square cubicle.

There are four of us in a single setting. We have our desks, chair, and some moving space. Unless you stand and look over the partition, you would never see anyone else. It’s funny, because we all have our music playing and we all have separate tastes. We also share a thermostat between the four of us, to which we all have separate wants. Our one cubicle mate is going through menopause. She goes from being so hot she can’t breathe and then she gets cold. We set the thermostat to keep her comfortable when she is in the hot phase. We may be a bit uncomfortable, but it is important for the four of us to work together. I always like to have it a bit cooler. So I don’t cause discomfort for anyone else, I have a small fan at my desk to help keep me cool. I wouldn’t want others shivering when I have the thermostat set at sixty-five all the time. Even during the winter, we work together to make sure our thermostat setting suits everyone. There are so many ways our little cubicle family could end up in major arguments; especially when it comes to sharing a thermostat. Fortunately, we have been able to work this out and work as a unit. Respecting each other’s wants and needs and working it out whether with the personal space or the thermostat, is very important.

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