The check will be in the mail.

It seems that whenever you move to a new neighborhood, you need to talk to the locals.

Without talking to the locals, you don’t find out where the better restaurant is.

You’ll never find out how to find the best mechanic, or which bank gives the best service. The best reason for talking to the neighbors is to find out who the best HVAC company is for service. My neighbor told me I should check in with Chet. He did great work and he had reasonable pricing for all his service. Apparently he had never been late for a job. I asked my neighbor to hook me up with Chet, and I got a phone call from him the following day. He did everything for my HVAC system that a professional HVAC technician would do. When it came time to pay him, he just waved me off and told me he would catch up with me, soon. I waited for him to send me a bill, but I didn’t receive anything. I wanted to have him work on the HVAC system at my rental property, but if he wouldn’t let me pay him for my house, I wasn’t going to not pay him for another property. I know that I must owe him at least a couple hundred dollars for the work he did at my house. Maybe I’ll need to call my neighbor and see how to get in touch with him so I can pay him. I won’t let him do any more work until I am able to pay for this work.


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