I liked the wood theme, but not the wood stove.

I inherited this quaint little cottage that was built in the late sixties.

It was down by the lake and it was more like a log cabin than a house.

There was so much brown inside the cottage that it was almost depressing. I may have grown used to some of the browns since it was natural wood, but I knew I would never get used to the old wood stove that was in the living area. It was an old warm morning wood stove that was meant to be the main source of heating, but it took up too much space in the house. About one quarter of the main room was brick to keep the room fireproof. There was a large eight by eight base of brick on the floor. The brick also extended from floor to ceiling. I knew that if I were to remove the wood stove, I would have more room to move. While I looked at the possibility of pulling up the bricks myself, I also called the HVAC company. I wanted them to come out and tell me what it would cost to have a ductless HVAC system installed into the house. I had to carefully pull out every brick to keep the floor and walls intact. I knew I was going to need to make some repairs to walls and the flooring, but once I was done removing the wood stove and had my ductless HVAC system installed, I was going to love my little log cottage, even more. I would have excellent heating and air conditioning, instead of just a wood stove.

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