Loud Noise Turns out to be HVAC Belt

If you know me, you are probably aware that the biggest reason I hate going into the office is because of the problematic heating and cooling system in our office suite.

For almost two years now, we have been complaining about the HVAC. The biggest problem has been that my boss’s office never has enough cooling to make it a comfortable temperature in there. The first problem with that is the HVAC with zone control. I share my HVAC unit with another company across the hall, and I could turn my a/c system completely off, and it would still be running and pouring cold air down my neck. It wasn’t working right, and the heating and cooling service technician explained that the reason is a broken damper that needs to be replaced. The second problem is that the ductwork to this absolutely massive 8-ton HVAC unit does not go at all into my boss’s office. Instead, he has a tiny little a/c that is not nearly big enough to cool his space. The 8-ton HVAC is big enough to cool my office, his office, and the reception area in between, but the ducts don’t go there! The tiny unit is not sufficient to do anything much at all. Now, all of a sudden, there is this crazy loud noise that screeches every time the air conditioning turns on. The unit is in his office, but it cools my office! The a/c noise is so loud that he jumps every time it happens! The a/c guru says it means that the motor needs to be tightened and the a/c belt needs to be replaced.


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