Doing basic repairs on my own

When I first moved to a house by myself, I thought I would be done for. I imagined hiring out a bunch of services because I am helpless. I have never done anything really on my own. I never made a meal, cleaned a bathroom, hung picture frames, snaked a drain or deduced a HVAC repair. Thankfully rather than just throw in the towel right away, I decided to try being a little more handy. I started out buying myself some basic tools that I kept on hand. I also watched a ton of videos of electric, plumbing and HVAC work. I always go into a project thinking I can do it and I usually succeed. I have replaced a window, tiled and grouted a floor, installed a new sink and even fixed my dishwasher. The one thing I still struggle with is HVAC repairs. My home HVAC unit is a little tricky. It constantly turns off and on. I usually can coax it back to life with an air filter change, sticking my hose up inside of it and mucking out the condensate drain. Other than that, I am kind of at a loss on what to do. If the HVAC still won’t turn on, I call the HVAC contractor. I basically hover over the guy’s shoulder like Abu with Aladdin so I will learn what to do. HVAC just doesn’t stick in my brain though. What the guy is doing makes no sense to me. I am hoping someday I can at least do small repairs.
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