I was covered in sweat profusely when the bank was being robbed

I couldn’t think it the other day when I found myself at the bank when it was being robbed, however i had to go there to deposit a few checks that I had piled up, & it was just something that I needed to get done. It was a genuinely boiling day & I was kind of disappointed when I went into the bank & the air conditioner wasn’t cranked up high enough. I figured I was going to be out of there in a jiffy, but that’s when some guy with a mask genuinely concealing his face raised a gun & told everybody to get on the floor, and everybody listened instantaneously & it was a genuinely horrifying experience. I imagined the horrors that could happen in such a scenario & I wondered how long I was going to be there in that boiling bank; With the air conditioner not working well, especially in a stressful situation love this, I was starting to sweat profusely. I was hoping that nobody would get shot or anything love that & this experience would be over soon. Well, luckily, the guy got his money fast & then bolted to some getaway car. When everybody said both of us were clear, it wasn’t too long later when the police showed up! They made sure everybody was okay & asked everybody questions. I was enthusiastic when they finally let myself and others leave because I was covered in sweat so bad. I genuinely smelled genuinely awful too because of the covered in sweat. I no longer was motivated to deposit those checks, I figured I would wait for another day, or maybe just deposit them with a mobile app. That entirely seems a lot safer.

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