Being the Only HVAC Control Person is Awesome

I haven’t had to work in an office in just over a year.

To be honest, I do not miss seeing the officemates or now working in that environment one single bit. Getting to the office every afternoon was a pain in the neck because I had to battle so much traffic on my commute. It was always a drag being stuck with my air conditioner program blasting in the stagnant gridlock as the sun drowned everyone in heat. I was burning sizzling as well as chilly cold all at once, more mornings than I care to remember. Then, I would arrive at the office as well as be seriously miserable all afternoon long. I am sure you are aware, setting one temperature control for a whole office full of people creates a lot of indoor air temperature control challenges. Every one of us would always argue about the temperature for all of our central heating, cooling, as well as ventilation equipment. Everybody was continually complaining about the relative nature of the air conditioner program or heating unit. I now realize my productivity was much lower at the office as a result of all of these indoor air temperature control disasters draining my strength and attention. Since I have been working from home I have fallen in love with my Heating as well as A/C as well as task quality. I find that I am more productive in everything that I do because I can set the temperature control exactly where I want it. Having one human being per now working temperature control unit results in comfortable air quality conditions that really promote efficiency and happiness while getting work done.



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