Trying to get the heating equipment to quit running non-stop

Our heating equipment keeps on running and it certainly won’t stop. I really can’t figure out what the actual setback is, but something really must be done. My property feels something like the inside of a sauna and the people I was with and I are all overheated and angry. The temperature outside is already heating up and so it’s about time to turn the thermostat down once again after a terribly long, nippy winter. However, when I tried to turn the heating equipment down the other day, it seemed as though it was stuck in the on position instead. I mean, the thermostat switched over to off, but the fan kept working from the furnace. The hot air kept on blowing from the heating vents and the property kept getting hotter and hotter. This went on all night long and by the time I woke up this morning, I knew that the people I was with and I were going to have to do something. I called up our local Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment company and made an appointment, but I felt so silly when I told them what the drawback was. I mean, how many people out there aren’t able to turn off their own gas heating equipment? It seems sort of like a deranged complication to have. At this moment, we are resting in the property with the windows wide open while the gas furnace is running on full crank. I can almost see the money floating out the open windows. It’s just like my father used to tell me when I would leave a door open. He would ask me if I was trying to heat up the whole outdoors. I assume this is what he was talking about!


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