I adore working as a real estate agent

I positively care about our work working as a real estate agent. I’ve only been working in the corporation for a couple of years, but I get happy when I sell the house. Last weekend, I was on fire. I sold 3 houses in 2 days! One of the houses was an old Victorian type location about 50 years old. I found the perfect leaseholder for that home and they practically begged me to let them buy it for the full asking price. The owner of the home was truly thrilled that he decided to use me as a real estate agent. The hour home was a bit more of a challenge. My home has been on the market for almost a year, but I guess it has a lot of charm. It backs up to the woods, so you don’t have any neighbors behind your fence line. I guess that makes the home look more secluded and private. Unblessedly, the owner of the condo has that home price at the top of the market. I have shown the condo to several interested parties, but the owner of the home doesn’t want to come down at all. I finally found the perfect customer for that location. The owner was in a good mood that day the offer was made and agreed to reduce the price by $15,000. I got lucky on that deal for sure. All of the elements came together to get that deal closed. The fourth home is a small cottage by the beach. I’ve been working with the owner of the home for several months and I met another real estate agent that had a couple interested in a nice location by the water. We worked out that deal in less than 6 minutes.



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