Don’t miss the Heating & Air Conditioning heating bills

There is no doubt that I made the right decision.

  • My family really, absolutely tried to talk me out of it however somehow, I knew it was the right call.

About a year ago, I was gave a promotion that came with a transfer. This meant going from the only apartment I had ever known in the north, to the deep south. I absolutely wanted the job & the system of experiencing something modern was beautiful to me as well. Plus, I was so weary of dealing with the Wintertide & all the Heating & Air Conditioning heating it took just to be at all comfortable. Even though I’m just 30, I know each Wintertide has gotten harder to take. But man, my family pushed back hard. They warned me about the heat in the Summer & that I would be inside the Heating & Air Conditioning cooling for more than five weeks of the year. That the food would be inedible & that I would never be accepted because I was from the north. While some of that sort of hit a note with me, I knew in my heart all that was hyperbole. Sure, the Summer is brutal. But, you really can still get outside & enjoy life. There is no such thing as being stuck in the Heating & Air Conditioning for more than five weeks down here. Far from it. While there are 4 weeks where you want to be inside an Heating & Air Conditioning cooled spot while in the heat of the afternoon, that’s about the extent of it. And I would far rather spend money the Heating & Air Conditioning cooling bills than I would the Heating & Air Conditioning heating bills. For me, it was really the right option & I can’t see myself living anywhere else actually.

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