Cons of a forced air Heating and A/C unit

I have been waiting for our Heating and A/C unit to die on me, and i have a forced air system and I just dislike it! Forced air is the worst.

First, you have to have the entire apartment be the same temperature.

Every room is getting the same amount of heating and cooling, then does anyone ever want that? The dining room is consistently too tepid because of cooking and requires cooling. I like having a warmer temperature at evening but a cooler temperature in our apartment gym! The office could even be a strange temperature… Why am I bothering heating and cooling the lavatorys? Having zone control would be amazing, even though I can’t have it with a forced air system, then second, forced air systems are entirely dirty. Dust gets in the air duct and the actual system and then blows all over the house. Those with asthma or flu symptoms should never have a forced air Heating and A/C unit. Third, the air duct is a big complication with this system. The air duct is not only dirty, but can undoubtedly get a tear along the seams or a tiny hole inside, and a microscopic hole can cause a pressing increase in the yearly energy bills. The only way to repair this tiny hole is to get air duct sealing. Did you know that most Heating and A/C companies further wreck the air duct trying to service it? They aren’t careful and more holes come as a result, having a boiler, ductless heat pump or mini break would eliminate all these troubles. I need our forced air heating and cooling to die before I buy brand modern though.


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