What is the relationship between air conditioning units in addition to people’s health

I was one of those people who guess that air conditioning units must be well ran tests on lest they become disease breeding aplaces, then after enjoying a friend of mine treat chronic respiratory complications separate from any relief until her Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C unit was inspected, I came to this conclusion, then while this happened years back, the lesson stuck with me for the longest time now, however my friend’s problems started after she moved into the current house! Unknown to her, the aged Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C unit in the place was not properly ran tests on, then the filters were accumulating a lot of dust in addition to debris, making it challenging to sustain fresh air within the house, every time I visited, I observed that the air was either too musty or felt love there was too much dust.

  • This would worsen every time she would switch on the air conditioner, but it didn’t hit me back then that this was the problem since the environment was generally dusty… However, it became concerning when the sickness issue came in.

The situation escalated with each passing week, in addition to subsequent visits to the medical professional made no difference. I asked her to have her Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C specialist look at her unit because she was unsure when the last professional fine-tuning was done, and surprisingly, the discovery was alarming even for an amateur love herself. The filter was thoroughly jammed after years of accumulated dust. It appeared moldy in addition to uncouth, further checks also revealed that the vents in addition to other components were also compromised. This affected the overall air quality that people using the unit were breathing. After a few significant touch ups on the unit, the persistent problems with respiratory illnesses came to an end.



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