A great smart thermostat

I just got the best birthday gift.

My girlfriend surprised me with a smart thermostat.

I am a bit of a heating and cooling freak. I’m very particular over my temperatures and I have been talking about how much I’ve been wanting a smart thermostat because I love the idea of being able to control my thermostat when I’m not home by only using my phone. It seems so high tech and futuristic and with the continuous advancements in HVAC technology it won’t be long before we see something even better. My girlfriend was one step ahead of me as it was great I have it but I need to have a technician come out and install it. However she had already scheduled for a heating and cooling technician to come out and he would be here tomorrow.normally the only time we have a heating and cooling professional come out is when the heater or AC isn’t working. I normally dread it but this time I was just beaming with excitement. If only one day I would have the system I’ve been waiting for installed and for the first time I’d get to try it out. For the first time in a long time, I felt like a little kid at christmas again. I was jumping up and down when I saw the heating and a/c van pull into our driveway the following day. I happily introduced myself and talked all about the new smart thermostat to the cooling professional. He was friendly and helped me get it all set up. I spent the rest of the day trying out all of the new features.
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