Not prepared for cold weather

My whole family recently moved from the deep south to the far north.

My husband was offered a job opportunity that included a significant pay raise, and we decided that relocating was worth it.

At the time, I didn’t fully understand the impact of sub zero temperatures. None of us had ever seen snow before. We handled the move in early September and the weather in our new location was absolutely gorgeous. The nights were just chilly enough to require a sweater and the days were warm enough to open up the windows. Within a few weeks, however, the temperature had dropped considerably. It only got up to the mid thirties during the day, and we were running the furnace non stop. The snow was pretty and exciting for a couple of days. After that, I was tired of having wet feet and needing to shovel and scrape. None of us had any of the proper clothing. We didn’t own snow boots, ice scrapers or snow shovels. I kept turning up the thermostat, and never felt warm enough. I was always shivering. I couldn’t imagine the weather getting any worse, but it did. The temperature plummeted to twenty-two degrees below freezing. It snowed everyday, all day long, week after week. The winter weather hung around until April. We had snow on Easter. I couldn’t believe how much we spent on our heating bills. I called an HVAC professional to service the furnace because I was sure there was a problem. There was nothing wrong with the heating system. The technician recommended I install a humidifier and lower the thermostat.

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