Attend to HVAC necessities

That has to be better

There is no doubt whatsoever that I do not do everything correctly. Failure is simply a part of my life as it is for everyone else. Whether others want to admit that or not is another discussion. I find that the more I am willing to fail, the more I tend to find success. That may seem a bit counter intuitive. However, when you’re constantly worried about failing, it diminishes your effort. Because sometimes, no matter what you do, a person simply fails. One place I’m trying to do better and stop failing at is taking my HVAC seriously. Like most everybody else, I love coming home and simply kicking back in the HVAC in order to relax a bit. However, that HVAC is working because it’s a complex machine that needs attention just like any other complex machine. It’s just that I tend to forget about the HVAC and that just can’t happen. The HVAC responsibilities clearly fall directly on me. My wife has plenty on her plate so she should be able to fully count on me taking care of the HVAC responsibilities. But, I’m going to have to step up my game for sure. I haven’t been very consistent about getting the HVAC inspected and serviced. Actually, I am lucky if I remember it once a year. That has to be better. I want the HVAC to last as long as possible so I need to make it’s getting regular semi annual preventive maintenance. What’s more, I simply can’t forget to change the HVAC air filter every single month like it’s supposed to be.

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