I waited til spring before getting my floor replaced

My fiance and I sifted through numerous offers from building dealers before we ultimately chose the corporation to update our floors.

We chose a general corporation with 5 years experience in wood and stone flooring.

The guy had a lot of recommendations from other customers and an entire album full of before and after photographs. My fiance and I knew we were making a good decision when we decided to hire the general dealer. We waited until the spring to work on the construction job. I didn’t want the weather to be too frigid or too hot. I knew the construction crew would be walking in and out of our home frequently and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on heating or cooling. The job started on a Wednesday afternoon and the corporation told me that the job would take 5 nights to complete. The corporation started each afternoon at 7 a.m. with three additional crew members. No one left at lunchtime. Everyone sat in their trucks and ate food in a sack, and at 6 in the day, they headed home for the day. The construction job only took more than three days to complete, however on the third day, the corporation took time to wax the floors. He made sure that the floors were shiny before he considered the job finished. I was totally and thoroughly impressed with the whole repair from the first interview to the final performance of the construction crew. I left that corporation glowing reviews on google, yelp, facebook, instagram and angie’s list.

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