Heating and cooling tune-ups are essential

I have always taken very good care of our HVAC system. I know that regular service for the gas furnace and air conditioner pays for itself. Many people neglect the upkeep of the central heating and air conditioner. I realize that HVAC equipment is like any other machine or appliance. Regular wear and tear gradually takes a toll. As the system operates, various parts sustain damage. There is a steady buildup of dust and other debris within the inner workings. This restricts airflow and the operation of moving parts. The heating and cooling system needs to struggle to reach the temperature setting on the thermostat. The longer run times consume more energy. It also increases utility bills and the chance of a malfunction. Eventually, the HVAC system will fail. A repair bill is always higher than regular maintenance costs. Plus, a neglected furnace and air conditioner won’t last as long. I would rather not need to replace the whole HVAC system just because I can’t be bothered to replace an air filter or schedule professional upkeep. Because I have a record of annual professional maintenance, my system is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Plus, the HVAC company’s service plan includes certain guarantees. I know that in the event of a problem, I can count on a quick and affordable repair. I get priority scheduling and don’t pay any extra overtime fees. I also get a discount on replacement parts. I don’t understand why more homeowners don’t enroll in a proactive maintenance agreement when it’s so cost-effective.

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