A superb smart temperature control

I just got the best birthday gift.

My bestie surprised me with a smart temperature control.

I am a bit of a heating & cooling freak. I am easily unique over our temperatures & I have been talking about how much I have been wanting a smart temperature control because I like the system of being able to control our temperature control when I am not beach house by only using our iPhone. It seems so high tech & futuristic & with the continuous advancements in HVAC technology it will not be long before we see something even better. My bestie was 1 step ahead of me as it was superb I have it however I need to have a worker come out & install it. However she had already busy for a heating & cooling worker to come out & he would be here tomorrow.normally the only time we have a heating & cooling professional come out is when the gas furnace or A/C isn’tworking. I normally dread it but this time I was just beaming with excitement. If only 1 day I would have the method I have been waiting for installed & for the first time I hadget to try it out. For the first time in a long time, I felt love a little kid at christmas again. I was jumping up & down when I saw the heating & cooling system van pull into our driveway the following day. I happily introduced myself & talked all about the new smart temperature control to the cooling professional. He was friendly & helped me get it all set up. I spent the rest of the day trying out all of the new features.

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