I didn’t guess I was being rude to anyone

It’s my task to take care of everything around the office; Sporadically being the office manager can be an incredibly hard task! I have to hear all of the complaints from the employees.

I have to hear all of the complaints from the purchasers that are aggravated about our services.

I pride myself on being able to keep my cool plus my composure under stress. It’s one of the reasons that I can perform the task so well, but a couple of weeks ago, several employees came to me with complaints about the air quality. I knew the air quality was an issue plus these employees were not the first ones to mention the bad air quality. I knew that I had to do something to repair the issue with the a/c. I decided to call an a/c service service. I had to wait a couple of nights to get approval from the corporate office, but as soon as I got the go-ahead, I called the a/c service service to send a professional. I spoke with the office manager at the a/c service service plus I told her that I was ready to have the toil completed. She right away told me that they don’t toil on my schedule. I did not understand why he was being rude. I did not guess I was being rude to anyone, however maybe she was having a bad afternoon, but she certainly made me want to call another Heating plus A/C service provider. I can’t rest rude customer service representatives plus this lady genuinely took the cake.

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