The sink was leaking and the AC wasn't cooling

I have had one problem after another with this old house and I am ready to give it back to the original owner. I bought the house for a decent price, because the place needed lots of repairs. The previous owner was old and retired and he couldn’t care for the place. It was way too big without any help. The yard was overgrown with bushes, weeds, and dead vines everywhere. The roof had two major holes that were leaking rain into the living room and the kitchen. The flooring in those rooms was warped beyond any repair. I decided to replace the flooring with radiant heat. That project took weeks to complete. I had to hire a heating contractor to help with the radiant flooring installation. All of the tubes and heating parts had to be installed before the new flooring. I was three days behind schedule on the radiant flooring install and I had to pay the contractor even if he wasn’t working. I easily don’t mind making repairs, but I seem to be encountering one problem after another. The moment I fix something, another thing breaks. As soon as I repaired the floors and finished with the radiant heating, the kitchen sink started leaking. I woke up in the morning and I found a puddle of water in the middle of the kitchen. Thankfully, the kitchen sink leak is one problem that I didn’t need a contractor to tackle. I can’t wait for the whole house to be finished so I can finally move to the property and get out of the city.

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