I still keep in touch with my old roommates

For a long period of time, I lived in a loft with a bunch of roommates.

It was always a wonderful time with my roommates as we had our own crazy drinking games and things like that.

Unfortunately, we always had a bunch of issues. Sometimes we had issues with the plumbing in the house and sometimes we had problems with the HVAC system. I would always call the building repair guy to take care of these issues. I was always a bit annoyed because he seemed like he never wanted to fix anything. Of course, it was his job and I made sure he knew to do his job. I think he was just annoyed that something was always breaking around the place. I honestly believe if the building owner wasn’t such a cheapskate and hired real professionals to take care of things, there wouldn’t be so many problems. The repair guy was able to get things fixed on a temporary basis it seemed. Nothing would ever last and that’s something that really bothered me over the years. I also believe that he substituted old HVAC parts with cheap ones that would only last a few years at the most. A real HVAC technician would have used genuine parts that are actually designed to last for a long time. Regardless of all the problems, I still had a great time over the years with my roommates and I really missed them when I ended up getting a good career and had to move to another state. I still keep in touch with them to this day though and we hang out sometimes.


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