I really should have bought some backup cooling units with my friends

This last summer season was absolutely brutal.

I thought I would be good to go because I had my cooling system tune-up and I even had the ductwork system cleaned out.

On top of that, I made sure to have the A/C condenser unit cleaned out. Well, in the summer we dealt with a brutal heatwave. My friends were telling me that we all should go out and stock up on some window A/C units so that we would have good backup cooling. I told them that I didn’t think I needed any extra backup cooling other than the old window A/C unit that I already had. I also explained that I had my HVAC system tune-up and had the ductwork system cleaned. I felt like I could get through a little bit of hot weather with no issues. The thing is, I didn’t expect the heatwave to last as long as it did. It felt like it just kept going on and on. Even when it was over and people were relieved, another heatwave came again and it lasted for a long time. My buddies were already using their window A/C units because all of their cooling systems broke down. That’s when they started hanging out at my house since I was the only one with a working central A/C system. Well, it was unfortunate because it didn’t last much longer after everybody was coming to my house. I don’t know if it’s the extra body heat that did it in, but I was stuck. I hooked up my old window A/C unit and that helped a little bit, but I wished that I did buy some extra backup window A/C units.


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