I Added a Coffee Bar and Ductless Mini System To My Office

After 2 months of working out of my home office, I decided to make a few changes that I thought were necessary.

  • Before I was required to work at home all day, I would only use my office when needed.

I’d get a few things done in there on the weekends or if I needed to do a little research after dinner. My office was perfect for those little moments I spent working. However, now that I’ve been working from home for so long and I’m confined to my office for 8 hours a day, I’ve noticed some things that needed attention. For starters, I created a mini coffee bar on the corner of the room for all my caffeine needs. Before, I wasted so much time walking to the kitchen, waiting for the coffee to brew, fixing it, etc. I can continue working now that there’s a coffee station beside my desk. The second change I made was a big one. I installed a ductless mini system to the wall behind me. I felt like my office wasn’t cooling as well as I needed in order to focus, but I didn’t want to change the thermostat for the whole house. In my mind, that was inefficient and throwing away money. The ductless mini split system allows me to heat and cool my office to the temperature I desire, without affecting the rest of the house. The ductless mini system runs until the room reaches the temperature I set and then it stops. Having a better temperature in my office has made a huge difference. It’s the little luxuries like this that make life sweeter.



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