I wanted the weekend to be special, so I bought a wall fireplace

My girlfriend and I were supposed to go out of town for our anniversary.

We had a whole week of events planned.

We were going to a ski lodge so we could practice snowboarding and skiing. We were going to a winery that grows winter grapes. We were going to see a concert in the city or maybe even visit a dinner theater. We were probably going to see some college friends that live near the ski lodge. My girlfriend was especially excited because I rented a room with a fireplace. We certainly thought that the Covid problem would be over since our reservations were six months in the future. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our plans. I still wanted the weekend to be special even though we had to spend it at home. I decided to surprise my girlfriend with a wall fireplace. I looked around for a lot of different models and I found one at the hardware store that I could pick up outside. The wall fireplace fit perfectly in the corner of our bedroom. I had to move some furniture around, but after I was done, the fireplace looked like it was part of the original decor. When my girlfriend came home from work and saw the fireplace, she burst into tears. She was crying and laughing and she was really happy. She was surprised by my thoughtful and generous gift. We had an amazing weekend at home by the fireplace. My girlfriend and I would have enjoyed going to the ski lodge, but this was something special too.


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