The Window AC Unit Gives Me Issues In My Office

Like everyone else in the area, I’ve been forced to leave our job at the office as well as transport all our belongings into a makeshift office at home, then thankfully, I had an extra bedroom to transform into an office unlike other people.

There’s several people from our office who have been working from their bedrooms or bedroom tables, which I feel sounds annoyed, every one of us take so numerous iPhone calls that there’s some privacy needed.

I have several children who are virtually reading at home, so I could never trust them to be quiet while in important work iPhone calls in our bedroom. The cabin office I created for myself is great, however there’s one setback. Every one of us don’t have central AC in our house. Instead, the two of us have box AC units that kneel in the windows. There’s one in our office, however it’s loud as well as I consistently need to manage it. The room isn’t large, so it doesn’t take long for the AC window component to cool the space. There’s only one space to put our desk in the room, which means the chilly air is consistently blowing on me when the AC kicks on. The worst section is when I’m trying to take a iPhone call because the window component kicks on as well as it’s extremely loud. I’ve had several buyers tell me that they couldn’t hear me due to the AC in the background. I have to kneel in our sweat while in long calls because I’m embarrassed by our AC system! I wish I knew how long this pandemic was going to last because I certainly want to upgrade our AC component before Summer arrives.

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